Aboriginal Land Services Pty Ltd (ALS) is a majority Aboriginal-owned and led consultancy that specialises in environmental management, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage protection and management, community engagement and capacity building services.

Our purpose is to help meet the environmental and cultural heritage needs of today, without compromising those of tomorrow.

We achieve our purpose by working with our customers and communities on the workability, certainty, risk, cost, protection and management of the environment and cultural heritage.

Our profits are reinvested into training, professional development and capacity building for Aboriginal people in heritage and environmental management.

We operate under a framework and base principals grounded in Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing.

Our Brand

Is based on Painting by Palyku Artist Ambelin Kwaymullina.

The centre circle represents ALS. The other circles are the proud voices of Aboriginal people, speaking for culture and Country. These voices are an integral part of our heritage and environment journey. The colours that radiate out across the painting represent the possibilities for brighter futures that emerge from real partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

We believe in supporting Aboriginal strength and challenging the barriers that have excluded Aboriginal people from participating in the heritage and environmental industry.

We work in equitable partnerships with Traditional Owners, including offering training on a no-cost basis to equip Traditional Owners with the formal qualifications needed to work across the heritage or environmental sectors.