Welcoming Teressa Graham

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself, born Teressa Michael in Collie WA. I am blessed with having strong family values and work ethics instilled by both my parents. I am the third child amongst my siblings of six.

I have three children. I have lived around the state, Perth, Karratha, Laverton (Mount Margaret Mission), Kalgoorlie and visited other places around Australia whilst completing a Degree in Social Science. Throughout my time studying I have made great friendships with many, and now I am re-establishing those networks across Australia.  

My family lines are Gnaala Karla Boodja (GKB) ,Whadjuk (Yellagonga), Wilman, Balladong, Injibandi with the exception of intermarriages into Wongi and Yamijti Moorts (family) and even further spread across this continent.

“It is with great excitement that I am able to once again work with my sister girl. I am proud to be in a position to provide Teressa (Coogee) an opportunity to fulfill her dream of helping people. Coogee will be a major asset to our growing team in ALS and will provide even more quality to our community engagement team” Says ALS’s Principle Director, Bill Bennell.

My goal is to help grow Aboriginal Land Services to its full potential. Looking forward to meeting new and old peeps, till then Catchya round. 

Teressa also known as Coogee (nickname from my Mums Mum Nana Ethel) 

Our First Community Engagement Consultant! 1