Aboriginal Land Services (ALS) is a majority Aboriginal-owned and operated joint venture between Kooyar Wongi and Terra Rosa Consulting, specialising in Aboriginal heritage, environmental management and community engagement.

We are super excited to announce that – after a lot of work in the background – we have rebranded, courtesy of Aboriginal-owed graphic design company Myrtle Creative!

Our new logo is based on the painting by Palyku Artist Ambelin Kwaymullina. The centre circle represents ALS. The other circles are the proud voices of Aboriginal people, speaking for culture and Country. These voices are an integral part of our heritage and environment journey. The colours that radiate out across the painting represent the possibilities for brighter futures that emerge from real partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

We believe in supporting Aboriginal strength and challenging the barriers that have excluded Aboriginal people from participating in the heritage and environmental industry.

“ALS is in a position to positively impact the way in which the Aboriginal cultural landscape is perceived, valued, managed and protected, through our work in heritage, environmental management and community engagement. They are intrinsically linked and need to be managed in a more holistic fashion if we are to see real change across a range of sectors.”, says majority owner and proud Nyungar man, Bill Bennell.

Given we’ve just come off NAIDOC Week 2021, with the theme of ‘Heal Country’, we thought, what better time to celebrate our new brand? Healing Country is what we’re all about after all.

If you look after Country, Country will look after you. 

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