Emma’s journey began in a small rural community in the southwest of Western Australia, on the ancestral lands of the Wardandi and Bibulmun/Piblemen people. Her upbringing revolved around maximizing her time outdoors and placing a strong emphasis on family and community connections. While primarily based in the southwest, she has dedicated considerable time to traveling across all regions of Western Australia, cherishing the cultural and environmental wealth of the land.

As Emma raised her three wonderful daughters, she pursued a lifestyle, education, and career deeply influenced by the values instilled during her formative years. Emma’s professional background encompasses roles in tourism and education, which equipped her with a diverse skill set. Along this journey, she continued to nurture a passion for the well-being of both community and environment. This passion drove her to pursue a degree in Geography, Anthropology, and Sociology, a natural progression toward a career aligned with her personal values of “Meeting the environmental and cultural heritage needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow.”

Throughout her academic pursuits, Emma developed a profound understanding of Australian Aboriginal Heritage through various projects. This included anthropological work with the Cultural Fire team at the Karla Katitijin Bushfire Centre of Excellence in the Peel region, as well as conducting social science research projects utilising methods such as ethnography and photovoice in the Pilbara and Northwest regions. She applied Cultural Landscape and Sustainability frameworks to produce comprehensive reports on land use planning and practices in both the Southwest and Northwest of her home state.

Emma’s personal philosophy centres around the idea that “humans are an intrinsic part of the natural environment – in a symbiotic rather than separate relationship”. She recognises Australia’s unique and diverse landscape, both environmentally and culturally. Emma’s involvement in cultural heritage work aligns with her commitment to understanding and supporting the intricate layers of human relationships within the landscape. She aspires to achieve sustainable and holistic outcomes, particularly for marginalised or vulnerable communities. She is thrilled to be part of a team with shared goals of responsible environmental and cultural management, capacity building, and fostering positive community engagement.

ALS Director Bill Bennell expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome Emma, another heritage consultant, on board, and she has seamlessly integrated into the team. Her cheerful and positive attitude has been a fantastic addition to ALS.”

Meet Our New Heritage Consultant, Emma! 1