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Celebrating Unity and Cultural Exchange

Today we had the honour of sharing a heartfelt Reconciliation Lunch with our partner Terra Rosa Consulting. Our very own Teressa Graham, not only hosted this special gathering but also showcased her exceptional cooking skills, treating everyone to a delicious feast.

When we asked Teressa about her perspective on reconciliation, she beautifully stated, “What reconciliation means to me is coming together and sharing our culture with the wider community, and to have a yarn about what it means.” Through this lunch, we aimed to create a safe space where cultural exchange could flourish, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal traditions.

Teressa expressed her thoughts on Reconciliation Week, highlighting, “Reconciliation week, to me, feels like tokenism. We don’t really need to label things; we should just have reconciliation always as Western Australians and share these cultural values which we don’t even realize.” Her words reminded us that reconciliation should be an ongoing commitment, embedded in our daily lives and interactions.

During the lunch, Teressa encouraged meaningful conversations, emphasising, “It doesn’t matter about the colour of our skin or where you’re from, we all share the same space, and we should be proud of it and share each other’s cultures.” These words resonated deeply, reminding us that unity and mutual respect should transcend all differences, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our community.

Teressa also highlighted the importance of empowering the Aboriginal voice, saying, “If the voice (Aboriginal voice) gets over the line, we won’t have to have reconciliation anymore because the job will be done.” Her words serve as a powerful reminder of the need to amplify Indigenous voices, ensuring they have a seat at the table when decisions are made.

Reflecting on the future, Teressa shared her hopes, stating, “When we can get rid of ‘reconciliation,’ we start determining our own destiny.” Her vision reminds us that true reconciliation goes beyond a label—it involves empowering Aboriginal communities, respecting their rights, and supporting their self-determination.

We are grateful to Teressa for hosting this remarkable Reconciliation Lunch and for her dedication to fostering understanding and unity. Let us remember her inspiring words as we continue on our journey towards reconciliation, ensuring that it remains an integral part of our daily lives.

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